Donated by M&S Properties

Our homes have taken a beating the past year.  They have been schools, offices, playgrounds and movie theatres.  We’ve been quarantined in them, we’ve spent way too much “quality time” with our loved ones, and the result has been – you guessed it – DIRTY HOUSES! But here’s a solution.  A Bissell lightweight vacuum and a Swiffer wet and dry mop tackle the floors, while a Swiffer duster handles furniture, shelves, fans, etc.  So roll up your sleeves, slip on the gloves, and get to work. The handy caddy contains multi-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, furniture polish, window cleaner and carpet odor remover. An assortment of cleaning cloths, scrubbing pads and Magic Eraser sheets make quick work of messes and there are trash bags to haul the debris out.