Donated by the Roland Hayes Committee

During a pandemic it can be hard to keep body and soul together.  This metal rolling utility cart, 12x18x32”, is filled with an overflowing collection to meet your needs in several areas. Keep your home and yourself clean and safe with several types of wipes, masks, gloves, antibacterial sprays, rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels and toilet paper. Feed your body – well, treat your body – with popcorn, candies, nuts, crackers, plantain chips and a nice bottle of white wine. But more importantly you need love and joy and inspiration and this selection of books is a good place to start – A Gratitude Journal, 10-Minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids, God Will Help You, and a daily planner that encourages you to Seek Joy.  There’s a CD, Grace, by Jim Brinkman, two prayer cubes to help you pray familiar prayers – great for your children at meals and bedtime. A wooden box that says Love is Patient, Love is Kind, and a Tranquil Water scented candle to help you relax are also included.  On the end of the cart hangs 7” square wooden sign: Kindness is Free.  Spread that Stuff Everywhere.  And so we should!