Donated by The Shop at Our Place

Plan a romantic Italian dinner with the contents of this handy wooden box.  There are three varieties of gourmet pasta, a bottle of special tomato puree to use with your own favorite sauce recipe, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  A bottle of Cavaliere D’Oro Chianti provides a nice touch – splash a little in the sauce, and let the cook have a glass, but save some for dinner! The basket of lacquered bread makes an attractive centerpiece, but please don’t try to eat it – we have included Olive Oil Herb Cheese bread mix to round out the meal.

Contributing donors: Fonda Jones, Jimmi Goswick, Maggie Hutcheson, Anna Marie Brown, Kristie’s Closet, Melissa Ann Mitchell,  Vickie Patania, Rhonda Youngblood, Kristie Davis, Charlotte Silvers, Juanita and Cathy Silvers, Elizabeth – Ashley Rose Candles, Grayce’s Angel Tree, Elizabeth Johnson