Donated by The Shop at Our Place

This is pretty fancy – you might need a special Spring outfit for this tea set! We’re not sure these can be called antiques, but they certainly look like our grandmother or great-grandmothers would have enjoyed using them.  An 18” oval silver tray rests on a Battenburg lace cloth.  The tray holds a large milk glass pitcher, with eight matching glasses, all in a grape pattern.  A leafy ceramic dish topped by a rabbit holds tea bags. Sheer paper napkins and a vase of peach roses complete the setting.  Now, go bake some teacakes!

Contributing donors: Fonda Jones, Jimmi Goswick, Maggie Hutcheson, Anna Marie Brown, Kristie’s Closet, Melissa Ann Mitchell,  Vickie Patania, Rhonda Youngblood, Kristie Davis, Charlotte Silvers, Juanita and Cathy Silvers, Elizabeth – Ashley Rose Candles, Grayce’s Angel Tree, Elizabeth Johnson