Calhoun has a had a Little Theatre since the 1990’s. In the early years, the group had to search for places to put on their productions. Most often plays were performed at the gymnasium of a local church, the Depot, or someone’s home.
When the Harris Arts Center was formed and found a home in the old Rooker Hotel, Joanne Owens worked to come up with a viable theatre structure to be housed at the new Harris Arts Center site. This soon became the home of the Calhoun Little Theatre.
Operating with local and regional casts and direction, the Little Theatre produces four annual shows, including drama, comedy and musicals. In 2016, the CLT added an annual fundraiser from which the proceeds are used for upgrades to the stage and theater.
The CLT is always looking for new members. To contact the Little Theatre committee about auditions, please email
Show dates and more information can be found on our events calendar.